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"Toni is very personable and friendly but extremely professional, knowledgeable and attentive.

Most people will be aware that physiotherapy treatment can at times be uncomfortable and stressful. Toni created a very calming environment, explaining fully how the treatment programme would proceed, how it would improve mobility…in my case following significant knee surgery… and the longer term benefits.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Due to her skills my condition improved week on week and continues to do so."

Howard Davison.


"I've suffered with sciatica for years.  Working from home has only served to aggravate it.  I generally have a stiff lower back, and find it uncomfortable to sit for any longer than 30 minutes before I start to fidget whilst searching for a better seating posture.

I used to think pain killers and "putting up with it" were what you did.

I was referred to Toni through a friend, and was doubtful if anything could be done, as I’ve been previously treated (unsuccessfully) through the NHS.


My first session was straight forward involving a chat about the pain, location, possible causes, and treatment plan.


After a hour of treatment via ultrasound, acupuncture, deep massage I was completely shocked that those aches and pains had almost completely gone.  The only way I can describe it is as if someone has turned off the pain, and applied WD40 to my joints.  I was able to move.  I felt as though a weight had been lifted.  I felt I was able to run a marathon.  The difference was night and day.

Toni provided loads of advice including exercises to complete at home which have changed my life.

I can’t thank Toni enough, and highly recommend her if you have similar problems as mine, or for anything else."

Fai Fu


Toni has advised and treated me on a number of occasions over several years and I always benefit from her professional expertise and guidance.

When I had Achilles surgery in 2016, she prepared me for the surgery so that I learned in advance how to get around on crutches and, post surgery, she gave me exercises to supplement those from the hospital physio. She also used kinesiology tape as an additional aid to my recovery. With Toni’s help and support, I regained strength and confidence in my repaired tendon.

Subsequently, Toni has treated me for lower back discomfort. Her combination of targeted treatment, exercises and follow up sessions alleviated my symptoms. Toni is experienced, knowledgeable, caring and approachable - I would highly recommend her.

Kate Tucker

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